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Are there any hosting surcharges?

Only if you suddenly start getting a vast number of hits to your site and your 'bandwidth' use soars, or if you need to take up a vast amount of space with a large number of images or similar. That's one reason we'd like to have an idea of the intended use for your site before we work together.

If you want the specifics, our standard Chameleon package offers 500 mb of bandwidth per month (the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your account in that period), and 100 mb of disk space (that's the space needed to store the files to power your site, plus any pictures and articles you want to include).

What does this equate to? Well, put it this way: most of our customers use only a fraction of this amount of bandwidth, and if you start to exceed this your site will be doing very well. There is also plenty of disk space for an average small business site standard Chameleon package - unless you have special requirements, such as the need to include loads of photos, downloads or other files.

Extra disk space if required is currently charged at £2.50 per month per additional 100 mb. Additional bandwidth is currently charged at £2 per month per extra 500 mb.