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South West Co-operative Support - 'smart & value for money'

swcs screenshot mobile view2Chamelon Websites created a new, mobile-ready website for South West Co-operative Support (SWCS), who are based in Bristol. Client Brian Titley explains how the Chamelon Standard Package delivered a fast result to a tight budget, letting the site owners edit content themselves.

"When South West Co-operative Support wanted a website, we wanted it fast. With opportunities looming we needed to have our website www.swcs.coop upgraded 'yesterday'.

"Budget was a large constraint and also we wanted the ability to edit the site ourselves but didn't know the first thing about maintaining a website.

"We chose Chameleon's 10-page fixed annual fee with small set-up cost deal. And Guy was able to over-perform on all fronts. He supplied us with a website that is smart and value for money; it is true to say that it really did not cost us a lot of money to set up or maintain.

"True, we had to work hard too, providing copy quickly, reviewing work done, taking part in phone conferences and attending on-line training. But this was complemented by Guy's hard work, speed, patience and dealing with any queries or problems as they arose.

"We now have a crisp website and we have been able to grab hold of those opportunities. Thank you, Guy and Chameleon Websites!"

If you'd like to discuss a website project, then do call Guy for a no-obligation chat on 023 8001 8611.

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